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guardian angel/a> do everything for our good. But if we want more, it’s enough just to ask our “chefs” about it. Let's talk about how to properly communicate with them.

Who will you be like that?

All angels, like people, are different, therefore, in order to find an approach to them, you need to find out who exactly takes care of you. For this some time you need to watch ... yourself. Of course, you can pay attention to sites that are according Free Angel Reading

Food. Every guardian angel has a favorite food. Of course, they do not feed on it in the usual sense of the word, it happens on the mental level with them. But we are always pleasant smell and look of such products. For example, you do not drink strong alcoholic beverages, but the sight of a glass of vodka with a snack - pickled cucumber, bacon and herring with a slice of black bread - makes you so excited that you can look at this still life for a long time. So one of your guardian angels is a middle-aged man who allows himself to “drink” a hundred grams before dinner.

Male type. Your sympathies with respect to the male sex may also be associated with the foregoing. If you like men in military uniform, then it is quite possible that an aperitif lover with a cucumber is a retired military man - this is a stocky middle-aged man with a mustache, commanding voice and loud laughter, his weakness is medals, epaulets and axelbants.

There are other ways that allow angels to talk to people, give them their messages. And the angelic numerology of time on the clock is the most obvious of these methods, the most accessible for perception. After all, just notice the message - not enough. One must also be able to “read” it, to understand what it means.
Decryption of these messages in different sources vary in a fairly wide range, since any knowledgeable numerologist has the right to their own vision of the issue. However, the general meaning is almost always the same.
Combinations 2 and 0, such as 200 or 202- God wants you to know that he has not forgotten or left you. He loves you very, very much! In fact, God is preparing a wonderful new phase for your life. Talk to God often, and you will feel this coming miracle. God also reminds you of the importance of “Divine Timing”. Sometimes certain factors must coincide so that you can achieve the desired result. As long as you keep your faith, nothing prevents you from fulfilling your desire.
When we often see the number 1133, we actually receive a message from our spiritual mentors. This message usually comes at a time when we practice spirituality. This usually also comes at a time when you are experiencing difficulties and when you are making efforts to your spiritual growth!

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