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As a condition, there are two main types of diabetes where high blood sugar can cause chronic problems such as heart disease, nerve damage and foot ulcers. Type 1 occurs when the body does not make sufficient insulin, whereas type 2 occurs when the insulin that is created does not work as it should. In fact, there is a third form which affects some pregnant women, but dietary advice for this category of people should be always be sought from a medical professional. Overall, food for diabetics means keeping on top of sugar intake and reducing obesity since having too much fat helps the body to regulate its blood glucose levels naturally without so much reliance on insulin.
Energy healing – or energy medicine, as it is widely called – is a form of alternative therapy. In fact, you could say that it is a range of different therapeutic methods that come under this single term. What makes these different techniques connected to one another is the idea that the healer is using energy to help someone get better. In many countries, energy medicine is seen as an accompanying therapy that can go alongside traditional Western medicine. However, there are parts of the world where it is viewed as a pseudoscience that is not to be trusted. This is because of the idea that fraudulent healing or curative claims are made about the practice, which means that people will not seek medical assistance when they need it. That said, energy healing is now widely viewed to be useful for many people who have faith in it alongside their acceptance of traditional medicine. Become part of a open and caring community!
Healing crystals are semiprecious and often attractive looking stones that are used for the purposes of healing. In short, crystal healing is a practice whereby someone will use such stones to help them clear auras, to release bad energy or to boost energy flow as and when this might be needed. However, there is no scientific basis for the practice of crystal healing and the way that the crystals used for healing function. Despite this, many adherents of crystal healing will acquire certain crystals to perform certain functions, all of which are designed to have positive psychological and physiological outcomes. Some people will use healing crystals on themselves and their family while others carry out crystal healing professionally, usually alongside other therapies in alternative medicine, such as aromatherapy, reiki or psychic healing, among others. Examples of the sorts of crystals that are used in this sort of healing work are quartz, opal, agate and amethyst. New articles and open conversations about healing crystals regularly. Sign up today.