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Beyond concern/questions plus membership with expand/improving

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I am back here yet again because I have since decided to post on here as well.

I am still waiting answers to beyond all of both of my concern/questions regarding plus membership with expand/improving.

I mean I am really in the middle of the road as whether or not I am going take advantage of the plus membership.  Since thats without the exchange rate and don't feel comfortable in getting it.

I for one really love to see Happiness.com Forums become generalized on/ff topic as opposed to the way it/they setup.  Especially, with beyond all of both of news/political in/correctness/current affair/events.  

At the same time I really would love to see that continuation of the search bar into the rest of here.

Maybe also make magazine part of here in a actual print version of it besides it being digital.  Since that I am kinda in the middle of the road with this as well.

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