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Dreams and emotions - grief

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Do you ever dreams even after 4 /5 years of a loved ones that passed away? 

Do you feel like it's pulling you back like in the beginning of the grief.  It brings back all the events associated with the tragic death. And the feelings of sadness takes over your soul....Am I normal???

Share your thoughts on this please.

Thank you🤯

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I find these dreams a gift 🎁. A chance to connect with someone we love who has passed on into the next world.

I'm 54, lost my father at 13 and my mother at 18 . I still have dreams and wake up thinking she's still here. 


Maybe this site can help you...


Yes this is normal. Try 'Life After Loss' with Louise Creswick on Facebook. She is well-ualified and runs a grief and loss community (closed so that it is private) with free resources, activities, personal messaging and an opportunity for one to one support when these dreams offset you.  I think dreams are a natural part of trying to work out what has happened. There is not end point to grief - it can appear absent and then be triggered off (which is what these dreams appear to be doing).  It is good to reflect on them - see if they seem to be helping to learn anything.  It may also be worth looking at if there are are common themes which keep coming up - as these could be the gates through which you may be able to resolve some of the haunting that you feel. Be kind to yourself x

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