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Opinions about ayahuasca experience, please?

I'd be grateful if anyone here care to share their personal experience in regard with psychedelics.  

I personally didn't try any yet and I am trying to gather as many information I can at the moment. 

I am interested in the whole process,  and especially how intense ( physically) the experience is, what is the impact on ones brain. Only asking because I suffered a brain haemorrhage a year ago and wondering if it would be appropriate for me, from a medical point of view. I am not sure how safe it will be for my brain,  however I recovered completely, yet being prudent is wise.

Namaste 💜

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I was concerned to take mushrooms , the experience was wonderful, my mind was completely quite , nature came alive , side effects were fits of laughter, and a need for the right drink, for me was lemon juice , my body craved it , I normally drink coffee and green tea so that part was interesting , I respect your carefully search , you can grow mushrooms with a kit , that way quality and knowing what you are taking , to be safe , maybe to be alone , or with a close friend . I hope you find a safe way to experience this , I suffer with mental illness , and would love to take shrooms again for therapy . 🙂


Hi there! I haven't experience it myself, but you can take a look here https://www.soulherbs.com/ayahuasca-experience/ to find out how Ayahuasca affects other users. Stay safe and make sure to research first before taking any actions as drinking this magical plant can be a little difficult. 


I'd like to point you to 2 articles we have on happiness.com: Ayahuasca Q&A and our experience at an Ayahuasca Retreat

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