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Hello from London

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Hey Amy,

I'm in London too and very interested in all things energy aswell! I'm just on the beginner spectrum, but aspsire to get certified in Reiki and yoga instruction.

Here if you want to chat or anything.

Emily X

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Namaste and Welcome Amy. You will feel at home here. It is wonderful to know you are into yoga and Reiki. I am sure we will hear get some valuable insights from you on these two areas. Feel free to share and learn new things as you spend more time passing along here. Love and Peace be with you always.

I am level 2 reiki. I am starting back to yoga classes this week.

Wendy congratulations on beating cancer 💜

Welcome to happiness Amy Pleases feel free to check out the Interest page where you can find and add lots of interest to your profile. It's also ag reat way to find other members who have the same interest 😊 They're not all done yet as this site is still a work in progress, and please let me know if you have an interest or hobby that you would like me to add to the page! 

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