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Renting in Romania

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Renting an apartment in Romania is difficult. As owners are difficult. 

Although on paper we have all the rights as long as we live there, in reality 'owners block them' 

We have the right to pay and be silent. No matter what they say or do. Cause they own the place..... 

Basic rights are not obeyed :

Cleanliness in the apartments and in the buildings (in Germany landlady comes to clean or hires someone) - here we have to do it ourselves (although there are lots of beggars and unemployed people who could be trained to do the cleaning). In the buildings there is 'woman on duty' but she washes only when she is in a good mood but she is paid😀

As far as garbage, they refuse to take it. It's hard for some people to carry weights, others could help 👍but no one does. 

In fact no one cares. 

Owners have bad manners and threaten for every small detail. 

In my opinion, an owner should be a good host. Hospitable and offering services. Making people enjoy their stay.



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