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Do we need 'RENT CONTRACTS'?

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I was wondering... Do we really need 'rent contracts'? 

They favor OWNERS not the ones that live in the house/apartment. 

Apart from rent & maintanenance, they ask lots of taxes. Repairing etc. 

They do not provide required services :cleaning, garbage. 

We pay and do it ourselves. 

And still... We are at the owner's disposal. 

They can throw us out for any reason (true or false). 

And going to another place.... The same situation. 

Do we really need Contracts and Owners? 

Can't we just choose a place and live there? Take care of it? 

Leave when we want to. 

We are all aware of Cosmic Laws and Responsability. 

But can't stand oppression. 

Not anymore. 

What do you think? 

Lily 🍀🌏

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