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How the pandemic affected you?

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Welcome back and thanks for posting this question! 🤗

I was actually talking to someone about this just the other week, and we both agreed we were a lot more affected by being under lockdown than we realized while we were still in it. Isolation and uncertainty had a huge effect on both our headspaces and wellbeing, but I guess these things sometimes become apparent first when you reflect back. 

I have also noticed how the pandemic has made me worry more, and made me feel a bit more anxious in general. I worry for elderly family members and friends and those who are in 'risk groups' who are so much more vulnerable. I'm sad for feeling I have missed out on time I would have spent with family and friends, but I guess that has perhaps made me appreciate it even more and not take for granted being able to do that whenever I feel like it.  

It's definitely been a strange year, how do you feel about it? 


This is the most weird year ever. We had the kids 6 month 24/7 with us, which has been a struggle. One day we will look back and we’ll be happy to have spend so much time together, but just now this has been hard. Still we don’t know if school will run „normally“ and now people expect times even worse, once we get into autumn/winter.
Kids lost their ability to socialize easily and have to re-learn it.
The most that affects me personally is, that I’m not able to see my parents and they are not the youngest anymore. I used to visit them once per month and we plan to go in December to visit, but it doesn’t seem, it will be possible. So that is really sad, for us and for them, maybe not being able to be together not even on Christmas, and that affects me the most. Maybe it will work, but it really doesn’t feel like..
Anyways i always try to stay positive and still not follow the news too much, as someone for sure will tell me if there is something i really do need to know. Life is still good, but with some bigger rocks on the road now ;)

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