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International Centre of Psychotherapy

The HestĂ­a International Psychotherapy Centre is a benchmark in Barcelona for its intercultural and innovative nature. Barcelona-based psychologists, psychotherapists and health professionals created Hestia to promote the health, development and wellbeing of people, within the different contexts of their lives: personal, family, academic, professional and social.

After opening its doors in 2005, Hestia committed to improving the quality of life of people through counselling, care, support, and psychological treatment. Today, Hestia offers assistance in the form of couple and family counselling for those going through difficult situations, those wanting to increase their resources and quality of life, or those wishing to face specific psychological, relational or social issues.

Hestia has a multidisciplinary team of psychologists and psychiatrists of various specialities to meet the specific needs of those who consult them. Their services are available in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, and Russian. Hestia also offers monthly seminars, activities, lectures and courses on an array of topics ranging from child sexual abuse, the theory of attachment in children, narcissistic personality disorder, and more.

Hestia's group therapy sessions are a powerful method of change and growth, in which a group of people come together to perform therapeutic work. Group members are encouraged to share a problem, a stage of the life cycle, or an objective and then recognise and develop the potential and personal and relational capacities of each of its members.

The Hestia professionals usually propose a free 30-minute informative visit before each therapy session. It's recommended to those who don't have previous psychotherapy experience or wish to have more info before embarking on a therapeutic process. This visit also helps Hestia choose the most suitable therapist according to each individual need.

Please contact Hestia directly if you'd like further information.
Hestia is located on Av. Diagonal 343, 2-3a. The closest metro is Verdaguer, and there are several bus stops in the vicinity.


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