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The Shambhala meditation centre's vision is to create an enlightened society by offering authentic meditation practices and teachings for those interested in pursuing more mindful and conscious lives.

Shambhala Buddhism is encouraged at Shambhala meditation centre, and it teaches and emphasises that enlightenment is inherent in all situations or states of mind. Through training and discipline, kindness and a little humour, the Shambhala meditation centre student is encouraged to release conflicting emotions and ""wake up"" right away.

The main focus at the Shambhala meditation centre is mindfulness/awareness meditation. It is an ancient self-discovery practice rooted in the simple yet profound premise that each of us is capable of cultivating our mind's inherent stability, strength and clarity to be more aware and awake, and to establish the compassion needed to take care of ourselves and the world in an authentic way.

Shambhala traditions believe that humans are experiencing an age of aggression and greed in which we harm ourselves and the planet, to which Shambhala meditation and teaching provides an antidote.

At Shambhala meditation centre, it is communicated that we are all capable of experiencing a more natural source of radiance, brilliance and less suffering, which is the enlightenment of human beings. The teachers at Shambhala meditation centre hope to create a radical paradigm shift that creates a culture in which the challenges of life are met with courage, kindness and generosity.

The Way of Shambhala, also available at Shambhala meditation centre, is an extensive path of training and practices for those interested in authentic meditation practices. It is open to everyone and recommended for new or experienced meditators or those looking to enhance their spiritual journey.

The Shambala meditation centre team are an international group based in Barcelona, who speak English, Catalan and Spanish and offer a guided group meditation instruction every Friday from 19:30 to 21:15. The meditation is free of charge and available to everyone. Shambhala meditation centre is situated on Gran de Gracia 77, Principal 1ª.

The Barcelona Shambhala group and the Shambhala meditation centre is part of Shambhala Europe and Shambhala International. The Group covers meditation activities, therapies, educational activities (official or otherwise), and other related activities. The Shambhala meditation centre only offers Shambhala meditation courses and teachings, developed under the inspiration and guidance of Chögyam Trungpa and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.


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