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Rahu-Ketu Shanti Pooja

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Rahu is the head part of the spiritualsnake. It is the first shadow planet of the solar system. Invedic astrology rahu is considered as “North node” and cruel planet. It has great impact on all the beings and lives.It gives result based on the position it has been placed in a person’s birth chart.Rahu denotes desires,illusion,mystery,secrets,aspirations,ambitions.It is responsible for all the negative things happening in one’s life, cheated by friends and family, sudden loss in health and wealth.

Ketu is the lower part of the spiritual snake. It is considered as South node in vedic astrology.Ketu denotes moksha, sudden gains, spiritualpursuits. He can create sudden loss of job, Legal disputes and family problems.ketu is the malefic planet can causes blocks in your journey of life, he can lead to sorrowful existence.He can create emotional disturbances and create problems in marital relationships if he is badly positioned in the birth chart of any person.

To overcome the adverse effects of Rahu ketu malefic planets Rahu ketupuja can be performed.It helps in pacifying the harmful effects of the those two planets.

While you can perform this puja at any time or any day, but performing puja during rahu kalam is considered to be auspicious one. Sunday and Tuesday are the best days to perform rahu ketu shanti puja as Sunday and Tuesday are the days considered to bebest for Rahu and Kethu

Benefits of rahu ketu shanthi puja

-          Effective in reducing the ill-effects of the malefic Rahu and ketu.

-          It helps to alleviate the karmic debt (baggage in past life) of a person.

-          It helps to cure chronic diseasesand long standing problems.

-          Ability to overcome negative influences and or enemies. Resolves legal problems.

-          Enjoying the material comforts, prosperity and acquire a good level of concentration


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