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Victory in Legal Cases (Guru- Mangal Pooja)

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Mangal denotes “mars”.Mars is the hottest planet in the solar system.Guru is the Dakshinamurthy who is the Devaguru power of knowledge and wisdom.He is the biggest planet in the solar system.These both important planets play a vital role in the every person’s life.Mars is the malefic planet and it incorporates ill characteristic in a human being.While Jupiter is the naturally a beneficial planet which produces auspicious things in a person’s life.

Badly placed or misplaced of these planets in a person’s birth chart creates chaos and misfortunes in his/her life.It affects them severely like hindrance in marriage, no job, being childless, legal disputes and sudden losses in business.These two planets creates more unfavorable situations in a person’s life  and make his/her life extreme difficulty.

To nullify those negative effects of both planets, guru mangal puja is the best remedy.To neutralize those planets this puja is the best solution.Mnay individuals get trapped into legal cases due to mangal dosha or their 2nd, 3rd, 6th house is inflicted by malefic planets.Some people generally fall into this kind legal fights or others may be due to mistake of other people or betrayal of their friends or relatives.

All these problems due to guru-mangal dosha in the chart of the natal.any kind of lawsuits involves huge amount of money and time which is wasted, and also created stress, anxiety and depression among the person who undergoing this.

Guru-mangal puja relieves the person from the stress, tension and clears the path of winning the enemies.

Benefits of Guru-mangal puja

-          Resolves the any kind of lawsuits and gains victory.

-          Destroys your enemies and like a protective shield for you.

-          Stops your enemies to do any harmful things against you.

-          Jupiter is the planet of justice, which grants you justice and win over the enemies of you.

-          Induces rational thinking and removes obstacles in the way of success


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