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Chandi Path for problems in job

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Chandi devi or devi mahatmaya is the goddess who is the another form of maa durga.She is the supreme goddess of power.chandi path is the unique way of worshipping goddess mahatmya involving powerful saptashati mantras. Recitation of mantras performed based on the troubles.She is the carrier of immense energy, power and stregngth that helps in conquering over all troubles and struggles of life.

There are 700 mantras in this chandi path which are  emphasized on solving various problems of life.Sahasatra chandi 1000 path is the much beneficial  path which resolves life’s very serious problems.

Perforeming chandi path also helps in eliminating problems like court cases, family issues, wealth, disputes and job, career etc.It is performed on the full moon day of the month, where all positive energies mixed each other.This puja cleans the ill effects of planetary motions.

Advantages of chandi path

-          Remove the negative energies from your surroundings

-          Bestows you with the power of facing challenges and obstructions.

-          Reduces the chances of untimely death and increases the longevity of person.

-          Get rid of all harmful effects of witch crafts.

-          Cleans the mind, body and soul.


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