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Benefits of Workshop-Yoga & Ayurveda – A Synthesis


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Benefits of Workshop-Yoga & Ayurveda – A Synthesis

Know the strategy of individual yoga practice / yoga teaching / yoga therapy based on applied Ayurveda 

Gain a better understanding of Hathayogic texts - through the prism of Applied Ayurveda 

Use your orientation to learn how to do a Prakruti analysis of yourself / your students / your patients 

Know the concept of Integrative Holistic Ayurvedic - Yogic Dietetics 

To know and understand Swasthavrutta for Yoga Sadhaka / yoga teachers / yoga therapist in a practical way.

Know individual yoga practices, ie. Asana, Pranayama depends on the type of Dosha 

Understand the relationship between Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Yogic Shatkarma 

Know the basic principles of Ayurvedic treatment and yoga therapy 

SWOT Analysis of Ayurvedic Treatment Vs Modern Medical Treatment 

Introduction to Ayurvedic Superfoods 

Kaivalyadhama carefully designed this course based on highly researched methods to empower you as a yoga sadhaka, yoga teacher or yoga practitioner by enhancing the wisdom of Ayurveda in its practical form.

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