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female (55)

Offering18 to 80 years ● In USA, Las Cruces

Psychic Medium, spiritual & life Guide, energy lig

Hello and bright blessings to you! I am a Psychic Medium, Spiritual & life Guide and a energy lightworker. I have beautiful gifts that have helped numbers of people over many many years from all over the world. It has always been my souls purpose and sincere intentions to be of service and guidance. I have a strong code of ethics and respectfully keep sacred space sacred between me and my clients. I work with Source, connect you to heavenly loved ones, & Your Angels and Guides. I call in only the highest vibrations of unconditional love. Many experience a calming feeling of relief and a sense of truthful Peace and comforting healing love during my sessions. I am a channel through which universal light force energy flows. I am eternal grateful for the opportunity to assist you on your Personal Journey of life. Very sincerely, Rebirth

Psychic Medium, spiritual & life Guide, energy lig

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