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Found 7 results

  1. ,After divorcing my spouse of 25 years, I became increasingly aware of the impact his behavior during the last phase of our marriage had on me. It caused symptoms of anxiety and PTSD (not from physical abuse) which became worse after beginning to date again. Symptoms did not worsen because of lack of effort as I work hard to grow from this. Difficulties worsened as my dating relationship became more serious. The relationship is great. Yet the anxiety and PTSD are more prevalent now even though the relationship I am in is healthy. Wondering if others have experienced this and how you dealt with anxious thoughts and PTSD triggers.
  2. happiness at times seems to slip thru my fingers unaccountably. a brief image, a song, a wandering thought - these and more can effect my emotions. so i have found simple things that help create an environment to "attract" happiness. making up my bed w/ fresh sheets. a vase of wildflowers, that i have gathered, adorning my home. buying - and then brewing - my favorite type of tea. taking ten minutes to flip thru one of my most beloved poetry books. playing ball w/ my loyal dog - he is so happy to be playing that i can't help smiling. depression & ptsd and grief trip me up daily, so i trip them w/ my simple pleasures. peace.
  3. Thank you for sharing this, I think it's common to carry anxiety and PTSD from a past relationship, but not everyone is able to come to terms with or acknowledge that, so you are already on the right path ✨ I entered a new, healthy relationship with some baggage from a previous, less healthy one, and it's not always easy to keep in mind that it's not the same person nor the same relationship. I think what helped me was to be open with my new partner about how my previous relationship had been and what situations might still make me a bit anxious. Hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing what other people say too ?
  4. @Tine Thank you for your detailed response! I've extended week 3 for an additional week as I missed a couple of days along the way and didn't have time to do the readings for the next week either. I had one really 'good' yoga session writing my last comment, where I was determined to be present and accept whatever was there. It almost felt like the body scan and led me to feel more in contact with my body, and I felt a sense of relief afterwards. I had one really 'bad' yoga session that I had to cut short as I got so distracted that I started to think of upsetting things to the point I'd totally tuned out and started crying. And I had one that felt 'pointless' as I felt I was just putting my body in different positions but not paying attention to what I was doing at all. I also tried a different 'yoga for ptsd' practice on a day that was difficult for me and was astonished by how much physically weaker I am when feeling very depressed. I think the best day I had with the prescribed video on this course was when I was feeling very low indeed, and even slight movement was a challenge. It provided maybe just enough of a challenge on those days.. Maybe on days when I'm feeling stronger, it would be good to push myself a little more, in order to keep myself more engaged. I think while I'm following this course, I'll try to follow it to the letter as closely as possible, just to be able to notice how the same practice can feel different on different days. But once I've completed it, I'll select practices that I feel will be the most helpful to me on a given day. Just trying not to waste too much time in the mornings wondering which video would be 'optimal' rather than actually just doing something (a very real challenge with ADHD haha)
  5. As a person that has battled depression for many years, along with anxiety and PTSD I believe that I may be able, finally,, to see all experiences, challenges, difficulties, obstacles and so forth as gifts. I regard myself has a person that walks a spiritual pathway. I also regard myself as a person that has experienced extremes, for example going from a British Army Marksman (I entered the Army straight from school) to a Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Healer, and Medium, with 26 years in Spiritualism. So for me, I've experienced (as lots of us do, I'm not special) polarity/duality, exploring myself on many levels, physically (in the Army) mentally, through deep soul searching, emotionally and spiritually (in meditation, self reflection. Exploring the extremes of myself, really getting to know myself, at many different levels of being. As I look at life from a spiritual perspective, I do see this (difficult and challenging) life as a gift, an opportunity to come here to this world, enter into the density of the physical form, experience cold, heat, hunger, limitation, isolation, separation , deprivation, love, connection, interaction, joy, bliss and everything else beyond and in between. As I believe that the universe (multiverse) is divinely and intelligently orchestrated. I really do feel that this (and every) life , along with everything we experience within them, is a gift, a gift in the sense that it provides us with the opportunity to really get to know ourselves., each other and to be able to truly empathise with others, having suffered ourselves. We are the brave souls that took the opportunity to really have our metal tested, be forged in the fires down here on the earth, ultimately to return to our true home in the spirit realms, richer and finer through experience, knowing ourselves better than ever before. Life, and everything we experience in it, really is a precious gift! Many applied, but not all were accepted, to return to Earth and assist our earth be uplifted and freed from the clutches of those that would rather see us perish. We are the Light Warriors, here to assist in the ongoing Ascension process, and we will ultimately be triumphant. Life is a gift and one that, at soul level at least, we are very grateful for. Yin/Yang, dark/ light, positive/negative, polarity,/duality ~all necessary to generate movement, momentumand growth, all through experience. Our sensitivities and our self awareness is a gift also, for all the same reasons, as difficult as that may be at times.A great servant once said, and I agree entirely " The Meek shall inherit the earth" Our time is coming friends! Hang in there for just a little while longer, great changes are just around the corner I (very strongly) feel. Namaste.?? The image below is my design that I've drawn out after being inspired with it. I'll be giving it the Pyrography (wood burning treatment) soon ?
  6. "Trauma is anything less than nurturing that changes your vision of yourself and your place in the world" - Michelle Rosenthal Traumatic events can involve single experiences or repeating events that completely overwhelm us to the point where we're unable to cope. I don't think anyone is immune to trauma. Maybe some people just find ways to deal with it better than others. I found this super helpful article that talks about trauma and its effects, and it shares self help tips for those dealing with trauma or traumatic experiences. It also touches on when you should seek professional help, or how you can help a loved one or someone close to you overcome trauma. Read it here https://www.helpguide.org/articles/ptsd-trauma/coping-with-emotional-and-psychological-trauma.htm I'm grateful to have this safe space on happiness.com where I can reach out and connect with others going through similar experiences to facilitate our healing processes together.
  7. NICABM Provides excellent resources on healing and preventing PTSD. Also the book “the body keeps the score” is an excellent Review of the key people in development processes in this regard
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