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support, compassion, growth and self improvement.

The HAPPY Token - an innovative and playful form of motivation.

Happiness.com combines the pursuit of growth, happiness and community with modern technology and the latest scientific
research. The use of innovative blockchain technology playfully encourages positive interactions, collaboration and a
successful learning process.

Expand your horizon!

Your local Happiness movement
powered by a global community

A global support community enables you to make friends from all walks of life - locally and globally. Enroll in a course with people worldwide and organise meet-ups with members with similar interests close by. Practice, discuss and collaborate.

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A small gesture with a huge impact

A simple sentence or a smile can change a life. Join the many chatrooms and exchange ideas, experiences, tips and dreams. Listen deeply and make meaningful connections bridging continents, religions and years of age.

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Happiness.com provides a safe space to explore and even face difficulties as subjects like mental health, grief or relapse are openly, and respectfully discussed.

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The variety of subjects and different perspectives in the forum reflects the open and investigative approach you find on happiness.com.

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The courses in the happiness academy opened my eyes to new approaches to life itself in a playful and yet efficient way.

The fine art of being:
learn, practice, share

happiness.com is a non-profit that aims to empower you to find purpose, contentment and greater well-being. Here are six of our key highlights:

Free Access to Innovative Education

The happiness Academy offers a wide range of innovative courses on relevant subjects around happiness, growth and spirituality. Get in touch with highly qualified teachers and gain access to cutting-edge topics and resources.

Collaboration, Mutual Support and Inspiration

Learning and sharing are key components of happiness.com. Support and inspire other community members through discussion in the forums. Explore and discuss your ideas and interests in a safe and supportive environment.

Be a Seeker, Student and Teacher

Learn more about happiness, well-being and personal growth through the online happiness magazine. Read, discuss, and explore your wisdom with others. Deepen your understanding of what you've learned by being a mentor in your field of expertise.

Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain-based cryptocurrency – the HAPPY token – establishes a new value network. The value of the currency is based on the actual increase in happiness created by members.

Connect Globally and Grow Locally

Connect with a global community and meet up live and in person with local members. Around every corner you'll find fresh, new events and places to meet-up. All waiting for you to join – free of charge!

  • happiness.com - your community to learn, practice, share and grow

    Embracing our shared humanity

    At the core, everyone is longing for the same: happiness, love, acceptance, safety, health, ... and everyone is struggling to reach those goals. In this we are all the same. At happiness.com we support each other on our personal and diverse journey towards the same goals. Reach out and take a look within. Your adventure starts now, your journey begins here.

  • happiness.com - inner growth

    Start your journey of inner growth now

    Happiness.com helps you find the best happiness events from around the world. Meet other students who share your interests. Discover and find interesting people!

  • happiness.com - Mental health and emotional education

    Mental health and emotional education will foster a better life.

    Explore and exchange your interests with fellow students in an open and safe space. There are countless interesting topics waiting for you on Happiness.com!

Friends, connection, personal growth

Happiness.com isn't just for your laptop. You can use Happiness.com on your tablet or smartphone with full access to all the same features you have also on your laptop or computer.

What our members say about us...

“I love the Community, there's so much going on!”
Member from London

“Love Happiness.com. Everyone's so upfront and honest!”
Member from London

“It's cool because you can write as much as you want. There are no limits!”
Member from Germany

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