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8 hours ago, suedseefrucht said:

I was shy in school, after school I was pretty alone for many years, I struggled to find a girlfriend until I was 25 years old and I went through some tough times when I failed at the university, but I made it.

I'm an engineer, I'm engaged and now I try help others on the same path by sharing my experiences.

I am also a mechanical engineer. I think every good engineer is of shy but good at calculations 😅. Even i struggled in marriage which eventually ended up as separation. I don't know why i am not comfortable in building relationships.

Congratulations on being engaged. 🎁 I wish you best in your life ahead. What type of engineer are you?

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vor 28 Minuten, schrieb SulaimanBarry:

What type of engineer are you?

An engineer for electronics and IT. 

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On 11/29/2022 at 2:01 PM, SulaimanBarry said:

Hi everyone
I feel lucky to find you beautiful people.
I found the topic of happiness while finding it for myself. So i made it my mission to spread happiness across the world so i titled my self as happiness teacher and student. 😁
I am also learning sales and marketing to help me generate revenue
That's my small intro.
Would love to know about you too.

Nice to meet you

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