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Happiness Community Forum | learn - practice - share

Share self-development tools and happiness practices, support each other in dealing with life's challenges, make exciting connections and explore the mysteries of consciousness.


  1. Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

    How are you dealing with lockdown and living through a global pandemic? This is the space to share experiences, concerns, and mental health practices.

  2. Member introductions

    Are you new to happiness? Go ahead and introduce yourself to the community! Share a bit about yourself and let the community give you big welcome.

  3. It's all about happiness

    Inspiration, discussion, and resources around happiness and what it really means. What influences our happiness and how can we live a happier life?

  4. Tools, Practices, Teachers

    There are so many great spiritual teachers, practices and life hacks. What works for you, what doesn't? Share your best advice and experiences in the forum.

  5. Vote for the best answers and submit your questions and replies

    Submit your own entries or vote for the best answers, poems, pictures or quotes. Ask your own questions, and see what other members reply.

  6. News, feedback & ideas around the happiness.com community, academy and the HAPPY Token

    Share your ideas, suggestions and questions regarding the happiness Community, Academy & the HAPPY Token. Join us in shaping the future of this place!

  7. How exercise, yoga & body work & nutrition can impact your wellbeing

    Learn new techniques, exchange experiences on balancing your life & health. Discuss how exercise and healthy food can impact your wellbeing and happiness.

  8. Share your questions and experiences around friendship, love, relationships & sexuality

    Share your thoughts and experiences about relationships, love and intimacy. Discuss topics like breakups, loneliness, and how to make new friends as an adult.

  9. Deepen your understanding of mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism & eastern philosophies

    Your online sangha - discuss with other members to gain new insights and deepen your understanding of meditation, meditation, and Eastern Philosophies.

  10. Conscious living, awakening support and a sustainable approach to life

    Exploring the big questions in life, how we become aware of our interconnectedness and impact. Discuss how to adapt a a sustainable approach to life.

  11. Loss, grief, death, dying, mourning, suffering and loneliness - a part of life

    This is the space to connect with others going through this challenging part of life. Share your experiences with grief and get support - we are not alone in this.

  12. Mental health and physical challenges: How to diagnose, deal with, live with and heal from them

    Share how you or a loved one are dealing with (mental) health challenges. Support each other, exchange, inspire and motivate.

  13. Living with depression, conversations around therapy, medication, healing and dealing

    Are you directly or indirectly affected by depression? This is a safe space to share your experiences around therapy, medication and coping with depression.

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  14. Your way to mental health - dealing with mental illnesses and disorders

    Anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, phobias, bipolar, stress, burnout, addiction - this is a safe space where we can support each other and our mental health journies.

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  15. The MBSR Course Forum

    Mindfulness based stress reduction forum for everyone taking the MBSR course in the happiness academy or those interested in joining.

  16. Grief MOOC: How Grief Can Kill or Empower Us Course Forum

    Join the forum for the Grief MOOC course to ask questions, share your opinion, and discuss how grief can kill or empower us with other students and teachers.

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