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How you came to be who you are (short story)


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The first man, was in Africa, they lived in tribes, or as natives then, but man has a slightly capricious nature, they sin, so they were not satisfied with having everything, having the best that nature can offer, so they started to spread out, migrate to different parts of the world, all of them were black, and they first migrated to a place called Tanna, Vanuatu, what is now the Yakel village, they are still black and live as nature intended, nurturing the ties of each other and nature and the animals around them, they eat root vegetables, eggs, chicken, wild boar, yes whatever is around them, the wild boars are tame too, so it's just a small wound in the throat so they pass out and bleed to death, no pain, the meat from the wild boar is, some would say, around ten times better than the pig then, the pig is a result of us living in society instead, it eats everything like the wild boar, but has lost its fur, now the Yakel village is not perfect, they have started walking around with knives, and do not accept strangers who want to live there, but they still nurture bonds with each other and the nature and animals around them, and they dance and sing and clap their hands, not all of them are singers from nature, it depends a bit on the intelligence, if it is high enough then only the others do it,


man has always been a separate species, they do not come from monkeys, and the reason is quite simple then, we cannot mate with them since they are animals, and if a human child were suddenly born in a group of monkeys, it would probably get killed, we have a lot in common with animals, but that's only because it's logical design, we have similar traits because it's logical to have these traits, but what makes us human perhaps the most then, is intelligence, and then we became whiter and whiter in skin due to the fact that we live further north with less light and more in cabins (houses), man has never been able to settle down since they migrated from Africa, so there have been constant wars and new trends and societies until now, and religions, they seek a home but never quite find it, Jesus tried to make them feel better by forgiving them of their sins by dying for them, but they still feel rootless to a certain extent degree, now we are exploring space, so you can think that this is the last new society, new trend, since space exploration will always be, but you never know, maybe they get bored? Attaching a small picture of those in the Yakel village:


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