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What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?


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On 1/3/2020 at 4:04 PM, xenspirit said:

I think some of us, (I am pointing a finger at myself), learn the hard way.

I can't think of anything substantial I learned the easy way.
Maybe in those cases, it didn't feel like learning because it didn't come with a significant and sudden shift of perspective/ believes but the "non-hard way" lessons tickle in over a more extended period.

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Many of the problems we experience in life comes from Our own past and until we learn to see that it was Our own action, Words or thought in the past that created this situation, there are bound to be times we feel we experience the same suffering over and over again. In my experience, the only way to stop suffering is to understand Our own past and let it go and With letting it go it means to not be Attached to those Things we did or experienced in the past. But to Accept that they was the way it was. and from now (present moment) we stop doing the same old wrongdoings that lead to suffering.

When we stop clinging to emotions, greed, anger, frustration, like/dislike, happiness, sadness. we will see that we create Our own life by how we react to past and present situation, People, Words, and so on. 

As long we can live a truthfu life, have compassion toward all living beings(also in other Dimension) and be benevolent, this is the buildingblocks in the universe. so when we follow this, the universe will see that we have become pure and good People. But if we keep doing the same wrong action Words and thoughts, then we will not experience advancment in the spiritual life. we will be stuck in same situations.

All is Down to Our self to get out of the suffering we feeling :)


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Hello! Unfortunately, most people can't take care of themselves and they learn it late in life. Sometimes people do some crazy thing and because of it, they are able to move only with a wheelchair . However, they could escape such a sad story if they were more careful. 

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