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Healing from a narcissist father


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1 hour ago, aniS said:

convincing me that I was wrong for believing that I deserve to be treated with respect.



I can understand people who don't respect an unexperienced person's opinion, because they know better. 

But you deserve to be respected as a person. 

But if someone doesn't respect you, there are not many legal things you can do about it. 

The best solution should be to go away. And the only satisfaction you get would be to know, the person will not get many true friends because of it's behavior. 


Feel free to share your story. I always like to read people's experiences and learn from them. 

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We are grateful that you found our community and that you feel like it's a safe place to open up about your journey 🌈 As @suedseefrucht says, and I think many others would agree, definitely feel free to share your story 🌻 We all learn from each other, and by sharing, someone else might feel seen and heard too.
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I had a narcissistic mother. Just know if you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here to listen and never judge.
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