Print and start coloring! :)

We already explored the benefits of mandala colouring for adults. Here's a free pintout for you to give it a try. Just click on the mandala and print it in good quality, or save the file for later.


I drew this mandala in november 2016 with already in my mind months before it got launched. It's handdrawn only with the help of a compass, a pencil and an eraser and took me about five hours to finish. I hope you enjoy it.


You can share the results with our community by sending your colored mandala to or share it on our Facebook page.


Enjoy mandala coloring!

Free Printout for Mandala Coloring- free download printout - artwork by Tine Steiss for You can use this printout for mandala coloring as often as you like and also share it with friends. Commercial use is not allowed though.


Written by Tine Steiss

tine.jpgTine is an artist, meditator, media engineer and student of happiness. If she is not traveling she's working on turning her rooftop terrace into an urban garden paradise. Find out more about her on: Instagram



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