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Feeling lost...

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Hi, Look up Sadhguru on YouTube. He has all the answers.
Hi Emma - I am sure this is all part of your life journey. I went on an Action for Happiness course and it made me realise what really matters in life. Take care of yourself. Steve x
On 8/20/2019 at 1:43 AM, Emma200904 said:

Hi, has anyone found along their journey the feeling of being completely lost. Like you have no idea who you are anymore or what you should be doing. Like you dont know how to be anymore. I am feeling this way at the moment and it comes with waves of depression. If you have experienced this what have you found helpful in moving past this?

Thank you 🙏🏻

The best advice anyone ever gave me was "Take it one moment at a time". 

Anymore than this may be too much. 

I hope this helps you a little.


#metoo! I still don't know why I'm here or what my purpose is. I feel like the earth is in transition and energy is shifting. I'm sure our way will be shown when we are ready. 



hello! My name isMichele. I'm new to the group. I was understanding that I was joining a support group for survivors of suicide. If I am not correct in thinking this, please let me know. 


I have been there in the past Emma. I found that just relaxing & trying to find things u enjoy doing. For me it was listening to music, watching YouTube videos (funny cats & Positive.) Also journalling is a great way to discover how ur feeling & where u should go from here. Simply writing down the thoughts that come to mind can go a long way to healing & moving forward. Write what u would love to do if u could feel better or even anything that would help in this moment. Its all about taking each moment & each day as it comes. 


Hi guys,

After feeling lost and found many times in my life (mostly lost). I came to realise that the feeling of being lost should be accepted. Then I came across a quote somewhere "Being lost is a place"

The penny finally dropped!


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