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What is it you do to stop global warming?

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I think you have a point here, but even if we reduce our personal footprint on the environment there are thousands and thousands of factories and companies around the world that trump all of our efforts. Until lobbyists are working on the behalf of oil companies etc. we can't win. Of course, there's companies like this one here , they don't harm not one single soul with their work, while operating in somewhat questionable aspects of market. Still, if you want to make a difference - change it from the inside. Not inside the government - they bought and paid by big corporations. Figure out a way to make energy cheaper and safer for us and the environment. Like solar, but without hundreds of miles of occupant soil by the panels.

On 9/20/2019 at 5:14 AM, Julius said:

I am just booking my next holiday. We will go by train this time. It takes 10 hours longer, but I am already looking forward to the slow journey :)

In my company we also made it a company policy to double check if we really need to fly somewhere or can also achieve comparable results in other ways. If we do really need to fly, we offset the carbon footprint through companies like atmosfair or planting trees ourselves.

When it comes to food, I stopped eating meat about 8 years ago for that reason and try to only buy local, seasonal and organic produce since. I also recently started to compost and grow my own vegetables. It feels really good :)


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