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Happiness at work: Does your workplace spark joy?

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I think most people have experienced working in a place that made you feel miserable, or at least definitely not happy. Whether it's the tasks you perform, the environment that you work in, or the culture among the colleagues - it can all contribute to giving you a negative feeling.  

I read this article about happiness at work, and according to surveys, nearly half the workforce in both the UK and the U.S. claim to be unhappy at work. Given how many hours you spend at work it really should not be a place that takes a toll on your mental health and happiness. 

Have you experienced a workplace that negatively affected your happiness? What does the ideal happy workplace look like to you, in order for it to spark joy and for you to feel happiness at work? How would you like to improve your current workplace situation? 


I can't say that is spars joy but sometimes my job gives me positive feelings. I am working as a writer. Sometimes students have interesting essay topics and I adore learning new information and analyze it. I am convinced that I've found what I would like to do in life.


Unfortunately my job does not. I am in search of a job that I find fulfilling as well as does some good for the community at large. 


That's a really useful article Lizzie. I know several people who are unhappy in their work. I have experienced that myself, mainly due to the stress of ever-increasing workload competing with increasing family commitments. I eventually opted for early retirement as I felt unable to fulfil the expectations of my boss, and was feeling overly stressed. I felt that my peace of mind was more important than the financial gain, and although I did have initial feelings of failure, I also felt I had to look after myself. At that time I did not practice meditation and mindfulness techniques - I now find them extremely helpful in dealing with my current part time job which is stressful in a different way - not so pressurised but unrest and animosity amongst staff create an uncomfortable and negative atmosphere. I try to distance myself from the complaints and practise all the strategies outlined in the article.


My job is interesting on a few levels. On my regular delivery route there are some really nice people that are friendly and I like talking too. On there other hand, there are also a few I interact with that just want to make get out of There as quick as you can. My bosses and work Mates are 60 plus men with a set view of the world, it's hard to get them to see the bigger picture, especially with matters of mental health. So it's a mix, just like most workplaces I guess, there a good days and bad days.


I was working in a soul destroying place for 3 years - the kind of job that was pretty secure, pretty supportive  (I guess), but desperately dull and pointless.

Hey! But it was a regular income - I used to justify it this way.

I also write music and occasionally get paid for doing so - it's always been a bonus to me. But whenever I sat down to get "all business-ey" with my music, something died, the inspiration, the joy of writing. Whatever it was, it lost its magic and I became frustrated, I lacked ideas and direction. I accepted that it's purpose was to actually to "bring up my own vibes" - just create music for the love of creating I guess. And any commissions are a bonus.

I then decided to get a grip of my life earlier this year, and eliminate as many things as possible that were making me unhappy. I quit my dull, soul destroying job and set up my own business as a tour guide. I didn't care about income, I just wanted happiness and fun. 

I absolutely love the tour guide thing. Really. It's energising, full of life and I get to show magical people around the Highlands of Scotland. It's full of aesthetic and satisfaction. I love the interaction I have with the folk I show around. The best job I think I could have. 

It's really about happiness. I've always believed that when you're truly happy, everything else falls into place. I see people focus on income, get paid loads but are miserable at their work. They seem to think that they'll be happy with a large income.

The best thing about finding a job in which I love is that because I'm happy, things are actually falling into place for me. Not that it's important  (no more important than happiness anyway) but my income is 5 times better than it was being miserable at my previous job. 

And my music? Well I find that being out in the nature compliments my writing. It gives me lots of inspiration and is a great balance for me when I get a few days off. I find also that I'm making more money from my music once again as a result. 

My point is not to brag. Honestly I focused on income for years and I was miserable for it. 

I guess I'm trying to say that if anyone has an idea of what they want to do with their life but are concerned about income, just remember that your happiness is more valuable than money ever will be. Everything falls into place when you're happy.


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