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How do you find solice ?

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I find solice through writing letter,s and sending postcards. Also planting seeds cutting grass and working in my yard. Travel is postponed watching documentaries on PBS baking thrift store shopping. Self care grooming. 

I had to look it up.. I would say mostly with friends.. or researching others "less fortunate" and becoming inspired by them.. or through learning, for example SI coaching program and fellow students.. and falling back on my "higher purpose" intentions...
  1. comfort or consolation in a time of great distress or sadness.
    "she sought solace in her religion"

What lovely pictures, I miss being able to walk outside and see the signs of spring 🌷 Thank you for sharing! 


For years I was challenged by depression and anxiety to a point of being unable to function in the world. 
At my lowest point, I was overwhelmed by the fear and worry and darkness of the world I was experiencing, things became unbearable and life to me at that time seemed unliveable. I had searched for any kind of comfort from the pain for many many years to no avail!
An old friend of mine had sent me a link to a YouTube video of a guided meditation by Jason Stephenson (check him out if you haven’t heard of him, he is awesome) 

I listened to the 7 minute guided meditation with an almost closed mind, thinking (as I had for most of my life) that nothing would work for me. I have been involved with many therapies, I had been diagnosed with BPD and Bipolar, I have been prescribed so many different medications over the years that didn’t help me at all, I just didn’t respond to any of it (I understand that sometimes medication IS necessary, and it does work for people who do respond to it) I had nothing left, I felt lost and hopeless! 
I listened to the guided meditation, I allowed myself to just go with it. 
There were a few brief moments during that meditation when the heaviness I had been struggling became slightly lighter, allowing me to take a breath and sigh.

I was relieved of the dark weight for maybe 2 minutes during the meditation, that 2 minutes gave me the freedom I had been seeking for most of my life. 
this was 2 years ago, and since then I have meditated daily (often multiple times) I now only have brief moment of the darkness that I used to live with daily. Most of my life now is filled with positivity, the meditation allowed me to create space for myself, to love myself, to enjoy life.

The dance of life now is a two way thing. I can flow with life, I am able to grow both professionally and spiritually, my relationships are better, my ambition and drive are now a big part of me and, most of all, I am accepting of all that life is....that 7 minute meditation changed my life in such a profound way.

I find my peace and solace in meditation, but because of meditation, there is also peace and solace wherever I am, whatever I do, in all the spaces in between. 
Meditation is free, it’s relatively easy to do, you don’t need any equipment, you can do it anywhere, make it as quick or as long as you like, it can be fun, it’s interesting, it’s a wonderful way to become alright with life, in fact, life will become your friend.

Just like beauty can be found in negative spaces, peace can be found in chaos. 


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