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Looking for Reiki Support

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Hi, I have no idea whether I am posting in the right area of the website - so we will just say that this is putting my ideas out to the universe lol.

I have just signed myself onto an online Reiki course to do Levels One, Two and Mastery. The idea is to offer Reiki sessions to the public alongside the Holistic Therapies I am offering at my Practice.

I have been thinking about Reiki for a while and now that Corona has changed the course of my business; now is a good time to embrace a new challenge. I am simultaneously excited; and a little scared. This is running alongside a massive, healing re-alignment in my life (last two years) in which I have started to change habits, seek new connections and better myself. 

The course I have chosen is on a reduced budget (finances are tight) and I know that it will not offer me the same support as training in-house and face to face with a Master.  I would like to surround myself with knowledgeable practitioners who can help me evaluate my learnings further and point me in a good direction in terms of resources and support avenues

Can that person be you?

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and feelings with you. You are welcome to look at my profile and see if there is anything I can help you with in exhange.


Joh Flow



Great idea to reach out for support from other Reiki practitioners. I hope our community can help you out! 🧡


hi dear even i am a reiki expert and glad to know you also have interest in learning this. Just dont force yourself to different energies. be a natural follower of energy first and then explore. slowly with practice you will be more polished.

good luck

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