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Why people lie and cheat ?Dont they feel guilty by doing so?Why so many lies needed to hide the truth?


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First of all, I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this. Heartbreak is so difficult and devastating, but please know that you will get through this. It sounds like he clearly was not the person for you after all, even though it can be painful to realise and acknowledge that. Your feelings might not¬†change so quickly, but try and think that these actions show a person you really don't want to be with. Focus on doing things for yourself, and finding happiness within yourself. Keep busy, make fun plans with friends and family, and although it might not feel like it now - with time you will feel lighter, better, and happier, and eventually realise that this was not meant to be. You deserve someone who treats you well! Sending you strength and lots of positive energy ūüĆĽ

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On 10/16/2021 at 12:28 AM, Joyeeta said:

I met a man through onluimne 13th month back,after meeting him I felt he is the man the way I want.Suddenly he got disappeared about one month and I got so mad.Finally I discovered his truth he is a married man and going through marital problem.After one month he replied me his wife asking for divorce ,filed for divorce.But he dont want.I said him ok go try to fix your marriage.If you cant ,come back to me.As I love you I am waiting for you. Its one year back situations.Gradually according to his statements he said he also fall in love with me,he dont want his wife anymore.He is just waiting everything to over and come back to me.Regarding divorce court date was May .Finally on May he said he went the court but his wife withdrawn the case and want to come back to him.But he dont want to be with her anymore.We saw even many dreams together regarding marriage and etc.But now said his mom also pushing him.to bring her back,give her another chance otherwise his mom will leave him.forever.I felt to devastated and broken just one day notice he left me three weeks beforw?Is it really love?Why man do this?Didn't he felt guilty by doing by showing dream and etc.Is it really love?Donno what should I do?Every moment missing him,donno how move also.I need to find the way but donno how.Can anyone say what should I do now?

Its amazing


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