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After my grnd parents expired I am not able to live. I don't feel like I can breath

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Dear KanzarHeena

You have my full sympathy and condolences in this difficult situation. Even though we know that all our lives are finite, this knowledge does not help one bit when we lose our loved ones.
And there is no magic formula for dealing with this most difficult loss and your grief.

What helped me to deal with the death of my grandparents and my father is to imagine what they wished for me.

They don't want me to break down because of their death. They would want me to think of them with love, as they will always love me, because that love transcends death and remains in your heart.

At your moment the pain is unbearable and takes your breath away and no one knows how long it will be like this.
But it will change because your soul will gain the upper hand and the love for your loved ones will also bring love back into your heart and thoughts.

I send you lots of love! Big big hugs!



You will breath sweetheart because wherever your grand parent are will not feel happy if you will face the earth, just by stand up and make them to be proud of you and honor them, show them that you can live for them. let them feel proud to raise you so that you can live for yourself for your own growth.


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