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Why being positive is so important


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Have you ever noticed, that if you lay in bed after sleeping, and you unfocus your eyes, that you see strains of dust floating around on it, and you can see the walls of the dust and the insides, it`s because the eyes are microscopic, they analyse the blood all the time for even the smallest of particles, it`s a part of the immune-system, so people in society get`s sick because they hold onto things mentally, which affest the immune-system, they`re making themselves sick, people who are moral and live naturally as natives, for example, never get`s sick, so medicine is just there to cure illnesses which people impose on themselves, the dream is perhaps to live in a society and have a cure for everything, like cancer-cells forms all the time, but with a normal immune-system, it never evolves into something dangerous, only when you hold onto something mentally you get sick, I`m putting with this thread a picture of a floating dust-particle, just to show you what I mean, so you`re right people, being positive is very important for immune-system


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