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How life starts in my opinion


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When all energy, which all mass today, consists of, popped up in the middle of an empty space, it collapsed under it`s own weight. Since it collapsed, we have gravity, because of the momentum the collapse creates. This gravity, acts like a pushing force. So when mass formed, which is energy cooled down, it formed planets. Over time, since the enviroment was stable, this pushing force, formed a will. Life starts with a will, and over time, the necessary traits was formed by adapting to the enviroment. Since life is self-sustained, it needs energy, and proteins, which it got from plants. I`m not saying energy, is living, but it acts, as this pushing force. So, everywhere in the universe, where the enviroment is stable, and you have plants, life will form. We`re all sons of energy, sort of.

When energy just popped up in empty space, it formed mass, because it had orbits, a little like electrons, around a proton. When these orbits cooled down, it formed different mass, but it also formed gravity from the explosion. Since energy can`t be destroyed, when black holes gather mass, it collpases, into a new sun again. When it get`s heavy enough. And since all energy just popped out of nothing, it can happen again. So, life is basically a will, adapted to the surroundings.


Why can`t we see aliens yet? Because, it`s been around 14 billion years, and still, no aliens have developed the necessary technology to find us. The reason, may be that we`re hindered by the speed of light, after all. As things travels faster and faster, it get`s heavier, so maybe there`s a limit. A final limit. Black mass, and black energy, haven`t been proven yet. Their best theory, is that galaxies stay together because of the gravity black matter gives off, but I have another take on it. It`s actually gravity from old energy. When suns burn, the energy, get`s old, a little like when your heater at home. It stays around planets and hold it together, beyond just the gravity the planets gives off.

Can we live forever in this marverlous universe? No, contrary to the popular belief that the body ages, it`s actually the soul, that ages. You can see it on people, who stays normal all their lives. They only get grey hairs. It`s actually the soul that ages, so if you are under alot of stress, smoke, do alot of physical work, you age faster. The real reason we can`t live forever, is that the cells, which make up your soul, can`t be replaced. Otherwise, it wouldn`t be you anymore. So they age. The soul isn`t a spark, it`s cells in the brain-stem. The brain itself, is only for a little higher level of thinking, while the brain-stem holds your soul, your emotions, feelings, the will, the control over body, and so fourth. It`s not part of the brain, it`s only called the "brain"-stem. It`s under the brain itself, more like a muscle, that makes movement possible.

The universe itself, is infinite in all directions, So it`ll never collapse as it expands. If dark matter, actually existed, it would have to be infinite also, which doesn`t sound logical; an infinite amount of something. So, what is energy really, which all matter consists of? Well, it`s not easy to say. It`s warm, it`s bright. It can be turned into mass, it can never be destroyed. Hope you like my writings, I`ve been thinking alot, over the years ūüėČ

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