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Tell me about friends who turn into lovers


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Is it true friends can turn into lovers/into a relationship
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Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Just imagine having two friends. You like both of them, but you would only consider one of them for a romantic relationship. So it depends who's asking.

I experienced 3 stories regarding this topic:

1. When i went to school, I got a group of friends, but I was closer to one of the female friends. Sometimes just the two of us met, we went on vacation together once and we told each other a lot of things.
But to me we were just friends. One year our ususal New Year's Eve party was cancelled, so I went to another friend's party without her and she was very mad. So I think, she thought of us as a couple, she never told me and then she got hurt.

2. I was texting a woman, when I was looking for a girlfriend. She was nice, but her ex treated her so badly that she was affraid of a new relationship. So I was patient and spent a lot of time with her as a close friend. I helped her to overcome her fear and to build up self-esteem.

Then she dated a new guy, they got into a relationship and I left because I loved her and I couldn't take it. And of course, he treated her badly and they broke up again. But I didn't spend any more time with her, because she hurt me so much by picking a random idiot over me.

3. When I was still looking for a girlfriend, I casually played an online game with some people. We became a crew of friends soon and played together for years. We even met each other in real life at crew weekends. One of them became my female best friend, because we played together every day and got to know us very well. Her boyfriend was part of the crew and he was a friend too, but over time he showed her less attention and treated her worse and worse. So they broke up one day. Since she was missing attention and she got it from me every day, we got even closer. We started joking about getting together when both of us wouldn't find a partner in a few years. We started flirting and one day we decided to meet and make out. It was very good, we both enjoyed it and we got together. I will marry her this summer.

So I would say:

Tell him/her how you feel.The longer you wait, the more it hurts. It can go good or bad, but you will have an answer and you can enjoy it or move on. Life is short.

If flirting is funny and not weird, that's a good sign.

And everyone loves to hear being accepted and loved with all the imperfections.

When looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend, pick the one who truly cares about you and spends time with you.

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