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Healing Schizophrenia through diet and gut microbiome?

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My concern is that this could be really dangerous for certain people. Their safety and the safety of those around them... I have a family history of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. I have had dear loved ones with these disorders. I do not myself have schizophrenia. I realize over medication is a problem. And some psychiatric treatments seem barbaric to me. But there are also some legitimate reasons for sedation and anti psychosis medications as well as anti anxiety meds.I would caution people not to just go off meds without talking it over with an expert practitioner whether they are holistic or traditional. By expert I mean someone who has first hand experience treating schizophrenia so there is no experimentation factor. In other words, you should be able to know possible dangers before you start and be prepared to handle them.

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I agree with @xenspirit The headline makes a very bold and for some ppl maybe even dangerous claim. When treating schizophrenia, there should be a professional involved. One size doesn't fit all. That goes for the new treatments or ideas as it goes with the established ones.
There are so many connections in body and mind, so many unknown or newly discovered factors, mysteries and very personal influences that I think it's important to stay open, curious yet critical. Why not try changing your diet to something healthier, cutting down on meat and then with every step seeing how it affects you. "Healthier diet -> healthier body -> positive effects on the mind" these connections seem more than plausible. Healthy, regular eating, fresh air and exercise are important parts of effective and lasting therapy for depression as well yet I wouldn't call them the cure based on a comment in a youtube video.

Maybe something like: Could the gut bacteria's health influence our mental health?



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