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Understanding Awakening/Enlightenment

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Awakening spiritually has been a part of my spiritual Journey for as long as i can remember :)  Not that i would Call my self an enlighten being or awaken one. But the idea of awakening to the truth of Our existance and what it actually mean that is something that i been pondering about many times.

So far i would say, i do not have the full answer to even my own awakening, but i have an idea what is needed to actually achieve it. But as soon as the thought has arising in the mind, Enlightenment fall apart :) It is not what i been thinking it is.


What is Your experience about the topic of awakening or enlightenment? Is it a part of Your spiritual Journey?

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It is true that we must experience the dark side of life too, and work Our self out of it in the spiritual path.

Spiritual awakening can not be explained in Words, but can only be experienced of each one of us :) So even we have different understanding of what enlightenment is, it can be said to be the end result of Our cultivation of mind and body. So instead of it is something we "find" it is what we experience. And as you say, it is not everyone who will get the experience called enlightenment. actually only a few will experience it in this time of Our human existance.


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