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Travelling for work and business


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Security measures for travelling needed to be taken.... 

I mean... Planes were already too crowded. Hygiene was not proper.... 

Now, cancelling all flights is not right.... 

If working abroad and needing  to travel from one location to another (work/business), you are stuck.... As airports and airlines cancel everything.... 

Not proper.... 

Take safety measures

Allow one flight

Select passengers 

*Even if planes are 'almost empty' it helps people who really need it. 


Design other vehicles - with better conditions. 

New models. New types of fuel. Less passangers. Medium comfort & safety measures FOR EVERYONE 

Afoordable prices (not cheap not expensive) - just RIGHT PRICE for the given services! 

Thank you for understanding! 

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This problem concerns me directly, since my work is related to business trips. To my great regret, airlines have a tough policy not only towards their personnel but also towards potential customers. I have three tickets where the flight was canceled on the initiative of the air carrier. I still haven't received money back for this. My boss will never hire a business jet for me))) I just started using the car to get to Canada.

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Travelling, and especially by plane, is definitely something that has been impacted a lot this year and it seems to have changed the mindset of many too. A lot of people and companies are now questioning their previous habits in terms of travelling, which could be a good thing in many ways. It's interesting to think about what it will be in the future, will everything go back to how it was, or will some things change for good? 

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Hello, I also travel a lot and this is related to my business. At the same time, I need to be constantly in touch. That is, the working condition of my phone is important for me. Perhaps here they can give me advice on how to protect my iPhone from viruses?

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Amazing Information! I really  enjoyed this thread and discussions by the people. If someone is who involved in this thread and looking for best travelling services and benefits . We can discuss here.

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