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Most Common Religious Misconception


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Hate to break it to you, but Jesus wont come to save you...but the good news is, He did show you how to save yourselves...thinking that Jesus will come down one day and save you is just lazy thinking and lame excuse not to work on your own self.

The fact is: All souls live on forever, there is nothing to be saved from, except from your own fears, hate, ignorance, illusions and ego...which always leads to death.

You can follow standard christian route: follow the commandments, be obedient, be good, wait on Jesus, grow old... die and be reborn..

Or, you can walk the Christ's talk: master yourself, be great, be glorious, ascend and achieve salvation of your own accord through your own self-mastery.

Nobody will raise you to heaven for you, nor will he trow you to hell. All you are doing you are doing to yourself. Don't let any religious people spill some bs that you are sinner, or that you need someone in order to save yourself. You have all it takes, you are enough, you are holy child of God, and God who is your greatest helper is always with and within you.

Upon death, all souls return to heaven from whence they came, but this is not what Jesus meant by Eternal Life, yes Eternal Life is the Truth, and we all go on forever, but ASCENSION is the ATTAINMENT of Eternal Life, while still in body, rather than dying.

The promised land and eternal life which all the holy scriptures talk about is Ascension, it is to overcome death, it is to raise your consciousness to high heavenly frequency and become one with God while here in flesh.

Once you ascended, there is no more death. no more birth, you are your Higher Ascended, Christ-Like, God-Like, perfect Self, a Holy Son of God. And power, life, light, love, wisdom and generosity, compassion, kindness and understanding of Supreme Spirit, becomes your own.

This is what Jesus had known, this is why He was Son of God, he lived up to the Truth of His being, he reached that higher frequency of Higher Self, He was God in flesh, and so are you, you just don't know it...yet.

So, will you give all of yourself to find the Truth, to know who you are, or will you waste your days waiting on death?

For that is what you are doing if you are not seeking the Truth, the Way, the Life, and the Light of your own Being.

“Many are called but few are chosen” means that everyone is called but only few care to listen, and only a handful choose to answer the call of God.

Question is, what will you do?

It up to you, and no one else..

If you don't know what to do, then for the start:
raise volume/vibe/frequency
through Love to the ------------------------[] max.

That's a good start.


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