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I am new to this group and happy I'm here !


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Hello everyone can I get some ideas of what you guys using to help with your Manifestation journey? 

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It's not like there is a magic secret making your life perfect.
It's something very natural, but a lot of people just don't take their time to think.

With social media, streaming services, music, television and all this stuff, nobody has to be bored anymore, but sometimes that helps.


When I'm waiting for a doctor's appointment, when I go by bus or when I am in similar boring situations, I don't take out my smartphone, but I think. However, I takes notes on my smartphone sometimes.

So I think about all kinds of things.

What are this week's To Dos?

What could I do to make my home even more comfortable?

Which life goals would I like to achieve?

What could have been going on in the other person's head during the recent dispute situation?

And many more.


And when I'm done thinking, I've got a good To Do list for the current week, I know my next goals and I'm a little more self-reflected.

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Biggest Tip - Appreciate what you already have and stop thinking about what you do not.

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Quoting Ponder "Appreciate what you already have and stop thinking about what you do not."  It is so true. But for my experience the habitual think is not easy to break only with the intention. In my term meditation helps me a lot. To see that the tendency of wanting makes soooo much suffering to this world. Slowly whenever I see my mind is filled with a wanting mind, I try to let go of the thought. It is not always working, but wiithe meditation practice it get easier and easier 😃😃.


All the best to everyone 🙏❤️


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