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"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love' Ernest Hemmingway

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I have read recently the following: 'I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them!'. It made me smile as I recalled some roadtrips I took or flats I shared with some friends...who by the end of it...managed to be out of my life...! So I would somehow agree with that quote...But I thought what are your thoughts about this? What are your experiences? Thank you for sharing!


I definitely learned the hard way NOT to travel with certain friends ever again 🙈 They're still in my life, I just prefer our friendship in smaller doses lol

I definitely agree with that! I always believed that it's so true that the best way to know someone for real is to travel with them! I had my memories that the travel ended my friendship(I'm not sorry at all, it was a blessing to see the reality) but my strongest story is that a trip with my best friend reassured both of us why we're best friends and made our bond way stronger.

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I only experienced that once, when I went to Ibiza with people I didn't know and shared an apartment with them. It wasn't awful, per se, but I also realised that I'm very different from most people and have my own habits and ways of doing things when travelling that doesn't necessarily match others' 😅 It was an interesting 5 days, and also challenging because I was the only vegetarian and the only person who wanted to, maybe just one night, stay up later than 10 pm Anyway, from that trip, I learned that I would rather travel somewhere alone and enjoy my own company than feel forced to be interested in people I don't know. I barely even have friends to have a coffee with, so I'm happy I never have to travel with other people again 😅

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To me, travelling with others taught me more about myself than about them. I learned about my preferences, boundaries and expectations and most importantly, how to articulate them.

I would rather spend several hours at a train station in India and then ride in a crazy overcrowded cheap train than arriving quickly and in comfort though I had moments when I had enough of the local experience. 😄 I don't care much about sights, but I love sitting in cafes for hours drinking tea and trying yet another local dish while watching the people around me.

Some of my dearest friends would not enjoy any of this, and still, we are best friends.

At the same time, I somehow agree with the quote - not because of realising that our travelling preferences were different, but during the trip, it would become clear that we had very different values, levels of respect and compassion.


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