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Depression like a gift

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So far depression is sucking the life out of me. Please explain how is it beneficial?

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I read some stuff suggesting the same idea. According to those "articles" it pushes you to think mor analytical etc as Calvin explained better. I don't know if I believe that either. What I understood was it basically activates your survival mode actually but I'm not really sure if those suggestions are really interpreted well from scientific studies or just some clickbaits cycling on internet. I would say there's a "good" side of depression which you learn things about yourself and self control but in general I can't see it as a gift for real and the most obvious effect I feel is overthinking instead of turning into a big analytic thinker-problem solver. 


As per my understanding every disturbance has brought new energy, Experience and spirit once you over come it. 


there's some benefit in everything. thought when depressed, it might be hard to notice or approach it in constructive and beneficial to oneself. because depression means that thinking, perception, scope to notice benefits are affected, limited, reduced. 
however, once one accepts that there's benefit in depression as condition, one can seek to explore possibilities and changes. 

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