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Living with depression.

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Michael Singer’s book The Untethered Soul Binaural beats for depression ❤️

I have found special breed ganja and cacao to help in combination with a good diet and meditation. 


If you want to know more inbox me 


@Rosabishop, @Hippy, @ShareeBelshaw, @Glassgate,

Belated welcome and know all this feeling of depression all too well.  Of course also (mostly) on antidepressants for almost for 20 yrs or so.  This also goes for anxiety, but that also comes along with born with speech/learning impairment/disability.

I also highly recommend you and/or others take a look at whats out there.  In which highly recommend that you proceed with caution with whats out there.  Especially, with the money part of it.

I mean I for one would rather prefer to have/see it being for free and/or maybe donating a small amount to keep it going.


As @ShareeBelshaw already pointed out, the MBSR course can help loads with rumination and negative self-talk. So great to hear someone talk about the program and recommend it with the same enthusiasm as I do. Thank you!

I know this from my own experience and the amazing effect it had in hindsight in my own life motivated to become an MBSR trainer myself.


However, if you are going through a strong depressive episode looking more intensively at your thoughts might not be advised. Even if you are managing your depression reasonably well at the moment, you should talk to your therapist before you join the program. Also, speak to friends and family about it, and always remember "you are the expert for yourself". We usually know if we are lazy and our thoughts want to talk us into not going to the gym or going to the gym really hurts our knees or spine. It's similar with this there is some inner resistance we need to overcome to get our meditation and mindfulness practise going, but that's different to actually hurt ourselfs. We usually know which one is which.

Besides that welcome! I think talking about depression and mental health, sharing our stories and struggles and most importantly realizing we are not alone with what we are going through might be one of the most powerful steps to acceptance and from there to change.


Hi I'm really struggling with yet another bout of depression.  Have suffered since the age of 14 and on anti depressants. I just can't seem to lift myself out of it.  I did do a mindfulness course in May which was good. Have a trip of a lifetime to Australia in February which i really thought would help this year but am in tears every day don't want to get out of bed let alone go out. 


Greeting everyone. I am a newbie to the site and hoping to take away some new ideas for coping with my depression/anxiety which unfortunately seem to hand in hand. I am currently enrolled in the free MBSR course here and still trying to learn my way around. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for years but I have experienced a couple of rough years which has put me into a deep depression. I didn't deal with my issues for years and with all that has occurred in the last while everything I repressed for so many years has coming flooding back and I am now trying to learn how to cope. The ruminating thoughts are awful and seem like an endless negative feedback loop. I am hopeful between this site, the course here, my CBT therapist and sheer will I am going to come out on the other side better. I have never been one to talk about my issues with others and I am quickly learning that is probably one of the best things to do. I have been ashamed for so many years of my illness. I am learning slowly that I am not alone in my illness and I hope between all I am doing here and with therapy I will improve mentally. Thanks for listening 


If I'm feeling depressed, physical exercise is the one thing I know can boost my mood. So, even if I don't really feel like it, I try to go to the gym or have a swim. When I leave I always feel better than I was before. A mix of the enorphin release and simply taking my mind off of other things.


I recommend to read or listen Vadim Zeland's "Reality Transurfing". I found it easier to understand his explanation in comparison to other esoteric and philosophical teachings. Otherwise he doesn't bring "new" knowledge. It's similar to the "What the Bleep! Do We Know", "The Secret", Alan Watts and Buddhism philosophy, Eckhart Tolle "Power of Now", Hermetic Principles. It all starts with exercising one's "free will" - freedom to will, to wish, to think, to choose own thoughts. Then practical stuff helps.

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