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Learning & Sharing being present in the moment of consciousness

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Sounds like a great discussion topic for the forum! 👏✨

I’m definitely up for sharing n learning, just joined. Hi there 👋🏽


Great topic! A story comes to mind, today I spoke to a friend who went on a vippassana retreat with her boyfriend. Usually such retreats are intensive meditation retreats done in absolute silence. when they arrived there were some issues which made her unsure about the future of their relationship. Being completely in silence she was not allowed to talk to him and she had to sit through the experience of not knowing and not being able to project her feelings outwards but let them burn internally. Body Scanning  helped to stay mindful in the presence and in some point there was just acceptance for what happened and what might happen in the future. Her heart began to overflow with love and truth again.

For me that was a beautiful example how we tend to solve our problems in the outside world when really all that needs to fall into place is us being in alignment with the way things are. Deep acceptance of what was and might be regardless of our preferences Leads to peace and the flowering of our essence which is empty loving awareness.


My journey into being more present was through MBSR. First, I did the course myself, and after looking back at the profound effects, it had on my personal life, I decided to become a teacher so I can share this. (You can find the course for free here in our academy)

Looking back, there are several keys in my journey. First, I learned about the nature of thoughts and that I didn't have to believe them. Second I realized that I could influence where my attention goes and third I began to allow the present to take up more space in my consciousness. Especially gratitude - These days I realize that the more I end up in ruminations about the past or future the more I suffer (learning from experiences and planning for the future are fine though). When I focus on what is REAL, what is around me, which threats are present not imaginary, and then take in the good that surrounds me with gratitude, my life becomes much more relaxed, lighter, joyful, and I become kinder and more understanding yet clear in my boundaries.

On 10/16/2019 at 3:34 AM, Yvonne said:

Thanks to open the discussion @Wealthyminds66. I'm currently trying to go to the presence process by Michael Brown. It's about entering into present moment awareness. According to Michael Brown we have deeply suppressed emotional imprints that are programmed into us through experience and other's example and that we are reacting instead of responding. Well, I'm still at the beginning of this journey. It's not just a book, but he proposes a 10-week process to go through. I'll post more about those special topics, but I wanted to share it already. There is also a website where you can find more information about it. http://www.thepresenceprocessportal.com/ Did anybody else go through the experience of the presence process?


This sounds like some of the state of mind work I used to do soul retrieval when I was seeking the root of my suppressed fears. 


I'm reading 'The Untethered Soul' by Michael A Singer which is about this topic - I find some of the concepts quite challenging and hard to grasp - has anyone else read it?

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