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This DIS-EASE is NOT only Cunning, Baffling & Powerful....

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IT'S  PATIENT & it's doing PUSH-UPS while it's got it's thinking cap ON....💪👍🤔👎






Well said. I am on day 5 of no alcohol. Not my first attempt but I'm still trying. I wanted to just cut back, the times before, but I've come to realise that I'm one of those people who cant just cut back. Now my body is trying to tell me I need to stop. I really need to listen. Mind over matter. Stay strong! 😎💜


maybe this site can help you 


I'm in recovery for 21 month. I know that I can't take any substance. I'm kool with that now. My thoughts, I'm not scared of them any more. I accept that that's all that they are. That's what our brains function is. Along with other things. Your thought has a start, middle and an end. Once u relize this, that thoughts come and go. Life seems too b a bit easier to live. Wishes to get better to all who have been affected by addiction. We do recover. 


The Addict - an ode 🙂

Have you ever know an addict
Living with their truth
Battling self convictions
Ever since their youth
Well dear friends show some respect
The addict lives inside
And those amongst brave enough
Rarely try and hide
The form in which it gives us
The pleasure that we need
This functional dysfunction
That we all seem to breed
Cause when we live with what's inside
And you wear it on your sleeve
Make no mistake about it
The truth shall set you free
❤ Sany

I am in recovery and need something like this to help keep me on track. This forum is perfect for getting things off my chest and deciding to keep sober. Im currently in rehab and know that there are nothing but temptations on the outside. So im not looking forward to leaving. My relapse prevention plan is important to me and anyone in recovery. Im just going to keep praying and seeking supernatural help to get through this thing called addiction. It is a disease and I cant beat it on my own.


It’s been more than most of my life

running and running and running away 

I don’t know how to stay, I don’t know how to do today it’s become commonplace this life on the run 

but sometimes it’s not so much fun I’m always all alone it seems having fun with the drug -control and be controlled -my best friend who’s always there never ever a care 

I gave up alcohol to a thing called ice - I kind of like it that it helps me not drink substituted brain rot & I don’t even care

 I wish I did- I wish I could
 I know an awful lot about wishing - spent my life here - now I only want fantasy anymore - things that aren’t real 

folks sometimes come to help I know they always go away - never do they stay - I don’t trust and I don’t let 

soon time will come - I’ll be ready & I’ll be set - God has plans for me to be free 




Just found this site, lovely to meet you all. My name's Paul and I'm an alcoholic.

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