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A year since my neice took her own life at 16yrs of age. Still a struggle and so many questions that will never be answered.



My heart is heavy

My soul is sad

Didn't think it possible 

To feel this bad. 


So many questions 

From that sad, heartbreaking day

When you broke all our hearts

And you didn't want to stay. 


We carry on, as people do, 

From One day to the other. 

But emotion, overwhelms our hearts

And we feel like, we are being smothered


If only you had just paused your thoughts,

And had a sleep instead

I would never have believed it possible

The turmoil now inside our heads. 


The seasons come and the seasons go

But every day, we miss you so. 

The fallen tears from then to now. 

Leaves a sadness, that just seems to grow. 


If you are watching, 

From way up above, 

You must surely know 

That you are loved. 
















ohh wow. that's so sad. hard to cope with it. This is such a beautiful poem raised from the pain that makes me feel your suffering.

So sorry to hear about such a young girl being distraught enough to take her own life.  My husband also committed suicide 9 months ago and I wish he could see how many people really loved him, maybe he would have tried to hang in just a little longer till his depression passed.  I miss him every day and my children and grandchildren miss him.  He was such an awesome man with his own struggles.  


Sorry to hear @BellaDonna6763 I've lost friends and family to suicide too, and often wish for the same. It never really gets better, but it does get easier somehow, and I like to remember that just because they're no longer here physically, it doesn't mean they're not still with us. I'm currently reading a wonderful book called Signs: The secret language of the Universe which shares stories about families that have experienced the passing of a loved one and the close relationship they begin or continue to have after the passing. It's beautiful. I wish you and your family healing and peace during this time.

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