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Meditation lead to a calm and relaxed mind

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I started meditating in 2014 after coming across more and more studies suggesting it's a positive effect on the mind, thoughts, emotions and our mental but also bodily health.
So I was first convinced to try it by science. A few months after having done my first MBSR course (The same we offer here for free btw) I was blown away by the profound changes that had happened over time and were only really visible in hindsight.
As I dug deeper into the science and worked on my personal practise that's when for me also the spiritual side started coming more into focus with questions about purpose, boundaries, morals, ethics, service, ...
I practice daily, mostly insight meditation and loving kindness. Some days I allow myself to let a few minute checks in count as "having meditated" too.


As i mention in an other post, i was a Buddhist for more then 20 years and started Insight meditation and Jhana meditation back in 1997. I also studied under a few buddhist monks in the beginning. But since i now converted to Falun Gong i only do Falun Gong meditation :)

Meditation can really change a person fully when the meditation practice is done a correct way :)  To me as a cultivator of Falun Gong meditation and is important when it comes to new Insight and New wisdom :)


@Amanaki could you say a few words about practice of Falun Gong? Or point out a a go to resource?

2 hours ago, Amanaki said:

Meditation can really change a person fully when the meditation practice is done a correct way

I agree with the first part of this sentence as this is what I experienced in my own life. Can you give more details on your idea of "the meditation practice is done a correct way"?


Glad you asked this :)

When we look at mindfulness meditation as it is called today, it originally come from Buddha Sakyamuni (historical buddha) And his teaching has a certain way of giving the teaching how to Reach enlightenment, when use of mindfulness today People tend to take away the spiritual aspect of the path, and only Focus on breath in and breath out. But there are a ot behind the scene so to speak within meditation.

So when i speak of the correct way of mindfulness meditation it is the Buddha`s teaching that i think of. Today you have monks around the world who has their understanding and Level of wisdom within meditation practice (cultivation) But none of them are at the Level of Sakyamuni, So even a person who are not a buddhist can learn the basic of meditation they can never Reach the highest wisdom Level. This Count also for those lay buddhists, and even monks.

And this is one reason i chose after so many years to walk away from the concept of Buddhism and mindfulness. I had Reach the full potential of my wisdom Level within Buddhism (and it was nt at enightenment Level) The monks today does not have the skills to teach the full potential of the meditation because as i said, they have not Reach high Level either.

And a last point, the scriptures and teaching from 2500 years ago have been altered and do not longer give the full truth of the teaching, again this lead to humans trying to Reach higher Level of wisdom can not do it anymore.

Mindfulness meditation today will of course still make Peoples mind become more tranquil :) so it is not a Waste of time to meditate every day. Dont get me wrong :)  But spiritually it is very difficult for Buddhists who cultivate to actually Reach higher wisdom Levels.

Ordenary People who just want to meditate, then mindfulness is still a good tool :)

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