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  • THE HEALING POWER OF LONELINESS Loneliness is not the absence of connection but the full presence of God and a total experience of the Self. It is total "isolation" which is not isolation at all ...
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  • Hello to all! 💓May peaceful and abundant blessings surround you with rays of love and joy ! I am here to serve the planet and it’s people our place in the universe 🌌🌎🌍🌏 we just keep Turning ...
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  • First of all i want to say even i ask a question about healing, i do not want to be healed by anyone in real life or in forum So please do not attempt to do healing on me. My question is kind of ...
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    The term eating disorders covers a number of specific conditions which all impact on a person's ability to eat normally. This can be due to an issue with their physical health which impairs normal eating, but it is more common for it to be associated with mental health conditions nowadays. Individuals with anorexia nervosa, a mental condition, will frequently view themselves as unhealthily overweight and consequently restrict their diet abnormally, for example. It can lead to them becoming underweight, sometimes dangerously so. Eating disorders are known to affect women more than men in the West, although both suffer from them. In numerous cases, these disorders are combined with other issues, such as substance abuse, anxiety and depression and even abusive relationships.
    To put it simply, healthy eating is the practice of consuming only foods and drinks which have a noted health benefit and avoiding those with low nutritional value. A big part of a healthy eating regime is not to over-consume either. Even when it comes to healthy foods, overeating can lead to obesity which has long-term health implications. Many people undergo a healthier eating regime when they want to lose weight or to detoxify their body for a period. That said, for others, it is a lifestyle arrangement that they will stick to for many years. Although healthy eating programmes differ according to individual needs, they tend to mean drinking less or no alcohol, cutting down on sugar intake and the consumption of less fat, especially trans fats.