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Although it takes many forms, coaching is the process whereby an experienced person or someone with special skills mentors another person – or group of people – who lack them. As such, ...

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In science, resilience is referred to as a property that allows any given material to return to its original form if it is misshaped somehow. You can think of resilience as the property...

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Put simply, gratitude is the emotion of thankfulness we feel whenever something beneficial happens. Commonly, people express their gratitude to one another as a courtesy for everyday in...

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Deep Listening
Deep listening is a practice that is used for anything from spiritual growth to building better communication pathways within a business or other organisation. Essentially, it is about ...

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Empathy is best described as the mental capacity to understand what someone else may be feeling. Empathy is, therefore, often picked up on via visual cues, such as seeing the distress o...

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The term was first brought into usage by Auguste Comte, the nineteenth-century French philosopher. When he used it, he really wanted a word that meant the opposite of egoism, the self-c...

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Stress Management
At its simplest, stress management is the term that is used to cover a wide range of different techniques that will help you to lower the feelings of stress you experience in daily life...

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An umbrella term, dementia is actually made up of a number of conditions, all of which affect the brain. Most of the conditions which are included under dementia – such as vascular deme...

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Most of us feel sad or under the weather from time to time, but depression is much more than that. If you're persistently down for weeks or months on end, it could be that you're clinic...

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Positive Thinking
Positive thinking is a mental attitude that does not mean simply looking at one thing in a positive light but having a more wide-ranging view of optimism. By contrast, pessimism is a st...

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Astrology is an attempt to explain earthly matters according to the way in which celestial objects relate to one another and the Earth. It has been around for approximately 4,000 years,...

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In the past, any definition of spirituality would have been very tightly correlated with certain religious beliefs that focus on the godliness or spirit within people. In other words, s...

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Quantified Self
The concept of the quantified self relates to how people make quantifiable records of themselves in a wide range of activities and emotional reactions. Instead of making a qualitative j...

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More often than not, neuroscience is used as an umbrella term that covers various branches of biology, including physiology, anatomy and cytology. Other aspects of it include molecular ...

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Although humankind has been using techniques that may be described as biotechnological for centuries, the term itself only came into common usage in the early part of the twentieth cent...

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Global Income Distribution
Income distribution is an economic measurement that looks at the gross domestic product (GDP) of a state and works out how evenly – or otherwise – this is distributed among its inhabita...

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Gender Equality
Gender equality is the theoretical state of equanimity between men and women or boys and girls. Because nearly all societies have been male-dominated historically, certain inequalities ...

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Anti Racism
Anti racism is an umbrella term that includes many different political and social activities attempting to deal with the malign threat of racism in society. In the West, anti racism has...

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Managing Divorce
Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage or a civil partnership that will often follow the breakdown of a relationship. As opposed to separation, divorcing someone means severing all of...

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In short, LGBTQ is an umbrella term for various groups of people based on their sexual orientation and gender identities – among other things. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, t...

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Marriage, also known as wedlock or matrimony, is the state between people, which means that they will be partners. In a legal sense, it places both rights and obligations on the people ...

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Also known as herbal medicine, herbalism is the term that covers the use of plants as medical treatments. This means that traditional medicine – which has been practised all over the wo...

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Gut Health
Your gut is an important part of who you are as a physical being. Humans' guts – or, more correctly, their gastrointestinal tracts – are formed early in our development, ready to consum...

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Healing Crystals
Healing crystals are semiprecious and often attractive looking stones that are used for the purposes of healing. In short, crystal healing is a practice whereby someone will use such st...

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Mooji is a spiritual teacher who is based in the UK and Portugal. His teachings cover many aspects of spirituality that are derived from all sorts of sources. However, much of what Mooj...

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Maya Angelou
Born in 1928, Maya Angelou was a prolific writer but also a singer, a stage performer, an academic and a civil rights activist. Her writing is often pigeon-holed as autobiographical fic...

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Alan Watts
Born in January 1915, Alan Watts was a philosopher and writer who had a significant impact on the West's view of Eastern spirituality and philosophical thinking in the mid-twentieth cen...

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Work Life Balance
The term work life balance relates to a harmonious state where the demands of work and home life are in equilibrium. In other words, people with a good work life balance do not have too...

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Early Childhood Education
Also known as nursery education, early childhood education is the process of teaching younger children, usually through play and exploration, that prepares them for more formal school e...

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Put simply; adoption occurs when an adult takes over the responsibility for raising a child until they become an adult even though they are not the biological parent. Of course, some pe...

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Healthy Eating
To put it simply, healthy eating is the practice of consuming only foods and drinks which have a noted health benefit and avoiding those with low nutritional value. A big part of a heal...

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Kitchen Garden
Known as a potager in France, a kitchen garden is simply part of a domestic garden that has been given over to the production of plants for food rather than for their ornamental propert...

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At its most basic, going on a fast means not eating anything at all for a given period. In some cases, this will also mean foregoing liquid intake, but this is a more unusual form that ...

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Photography is image-making that makes use of light to produce a picture. In some cases, electromagnetic radiation outside the field of visible light is also used to create images, usua...

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Sculpturing – or sculpting – is the process involved in making a sculpture, a three-dimensional art form. There are all sorts of ways that sculpturing can be carried out. Indeed, some o...

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Since moving pictures were first put together from a series of still photographs to settle a bet – whether a horse raised all its hooves off the ground, or not, when running – people ha...