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Join the conscious community to create a safe space together. Find the love and compassion you're looking for and give back to others.

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Everyone wants to be happy, and we all have a unique way of reaching it. What doesn't change is that everyone seeks a fellow voyager
to share their experiences with, both joyful and painful. provides seekers and travellers with the tools and community to enhance their journey; a place where love and compassion are cultivated.

Meet your fellow travellers
  • - your community to learn, practice, share and grow

    Embracing our shared humanity

    Happiness is a common goal for all of us. Everyone is chasing their dreams, searching for a meaning for thier life, looking for fulfillment, struggling with pain, longling for someone, searching for love, showing compassion, feeling joy, strive for change... At we support each other on our personal and diverse journey towards the same goals. Reach out and take a look within. Your adventure starts now, your journey begins here.

  • - inner growth

    Start your journey of inner growth now helps you to connect to like minded people and share your experiences, learn and practice together. Meet others who walk towards to same goal as you: cultivating happiness by giving love and compassion to each other.

  • - Mental health and emotional education

    Let love & compassion strenghten the center of your life

    Explore and exchange your interests with fellow students in an open and safe space. Cultivate and share the support that you're looking for at! Join now!

Learn, support, practice, share!

The non-profit which empowers your pursuit of happiness!

Free Access to Innovative Education

Get in touch with highly qualified teachers and gain access to cutting edge topics and resources! The Happiness Academy offers a wide range of innovative courses on some of the most relevant subjects.

Collaboration, Mutual Support and Inspiration

If individual liberation and self-realisation are possible, why would it not be possible for bigger communities or all of Humanity? Start your journey with the Happiness Community now!

Be a Seeker, Student and Teacher

Explore and discuss your ideas in a safe environment. Practice, discuss, and explore wisdom with others. Deepen your understanding of what you've learned by being a mentor in your field of expertise.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain based cryptocurrency - the HAPPY token - establishes a new value network. The value of the currency is based on the actual increase in happiness created by the members.

Connect Globally and Grow Locally

Connect with students from all over the world and easily meet up live and in person. Around every corner, you'll find fresh, new events, discussion groups, meetups and venues. All waiting for you to join!

Friends, connection, personal growth isn't just for your laptop. You can use on your tablet or smartphone with full access to all the same features you have also on your laptop or computer. You can keep connected to your community easily, no matter how far you are.

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