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  • Hello Friends! I have recently joined a new job. I have been practicing mindfulness. Wanted few suggestions on how to be mindful at work. Pls if anyone can share . Cordially...Uma ...
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    In short, mindfulness is the ability to pay proper attention to the here and now. Psychologists usually describe it as living in the present moment, with less emotional energy being expended on things that have passed or which may – or may not – occur in the future. Various techniques are used by people to achieve a greater level of present-moment living. In most cases, modern methods for achieving mindfulness are based on Buddhist concepts, such as sati. In large numbers, people practise mindfulness through meditation and paying more attention to positive things in their lives to reduce stress. These mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques which have a proven scientific effect. Sign up to happiness today and join our friendly community!